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Why Rent a Restroom Trailer?

Whether the ambiance of an event is highly formal, like a wedding, or casual, like a family reunion, guests expect more comfort than what a single port-a-potty offers.

That’s where a restroom trailer comes in. They are more comfortable than standard portable toilets and look similar to an indoor bathroom. Click the https://nextdaypotty.com/ to learn more.

The climate control feature in restroom trailers allows guests to stay comfortable in the stalls, even on sweltering summer days or colder weather. This feature makes a portable restroom trailer an ideal choice for use at events, construction sites or other locations with extreme temperatures.

In addition to climate control, restroom trailers also feature facilities that are more sanitary than those found in standard porta-potties. These include flushing toilets that provide a familiar, hygienic experience and running water in sinks for hand-washing. The ability to wash hands with running water also helps to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria, which is particularly important for events that are open to the public.

The air conditioning in a restroom trailer works by drawing in outside air, which is then filtered and mixed with fresh air before being circulated throughout the unit. This process cools the interior, helping to keep the facility odor-free and comfortable for guests. If you choose to use a restroom trailer with climate control at an event, you should have an attendant available to help ensure that it remains functioning correctly and that guests are using the restroom in a safe and effective manner.

A luxury restroom trailer is an excellent option for larger upscale events such as weddings or galas. These units are equipped with separate entrances for men and women and offer private stalls, sinks and mirrors. Some models also come with showers and changing rooms, which are especially useful for outdoor events where attendees may need to change after spending time in the sun or for those with limited indoor access. Luxury restroom trailers also feature amenities such as a well-lit exterior and interior, stainless steel fixtures and recessed lighting that contribute to an elegant ambiance. Some models are also designed with accessibility in mind, with ramps and larger stall spaces for wheelchair users.


Unlike basic porta potties, restroom trailers feature flushing toilets to ensure guests have a clean, hygienic experience. They also have larger waste tanks to accommodate more users over longer periods of time, making them a better option for events with a high number of attendees.

In addition to toilets, restroom trailers typically have sinks for hand-washing and air conditioning and heating to keep guests comfortable. Some are equipped with stereo systems, giving guests the ability to listen to music or audio books while using the facilities.

Another advantage of restroom trailers is that they provide more space than basic portable restrooms. This allows people to move around while inside, making it easier to freshen up or help a toddler. It also means that more than one person can use the facilities at once, reducing wait times.

A restroom trailer is also usually more well-lit than a standard portable restroom. This is especially important if your event takes place at night or in an outdoor venue. Standard portable restrooms are often quite dark inside, which can make them unattractive and uncomfortable. Restroom trailers, on the other hand, are well-lit and have an interior that looks and feels much like a traditional bathroom.

Many modern portable restrooms are designed with sustainability in mind, including water-saving fixtures to reduce the amount of water used for toilets and hand wash. This can have a positive impact on the environment as well as on your budget. Some restroom trailers are even able to recycle wastewater for reuse, further minimizing their environmental footprint.


Many people find the appearance of standard porta-potties to be unattractive. Even though they are sanitary and functional, the single-stall units look cheap, messy, and unkempt. With a luxury restroom trailer, you can avoid this negative impression by renting a unit that matches your event’s theme or complements the natural beauty of its venue.

Additionally, unlike standard portable toilets, these trailers have flushable toilets that remove waste into a holding tank beneath the floor, so attendees won’t be able to see it or smell it. Because of this, guests will feel more comfortable and safe using your facilities.

In addition, many restroom trailers are ADA-compliant to ensure that all of your guests can use them. These features include a ramp, wider doors, and extra space inside the trailer to accommodate wheelchairs. This is a great way to show your guests that you value inclusivity and want everyone to enjoy your special day.

Another advantage of restroom trailers is their ability to accommodate large groups of people more efficiently than traditional toilets. Most units feature segregated sections for men and women, as well as multiple stalls so that you can quickly and easily manage traffic. This functionality is ideal for upscale events like tented weddings and fundraisers, where you can expect a lot of people to need the facilities at once.

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A restroom trailer is transported from its factory to the site using a heavy-duty truck equipped with a hitch. The driver will work with you to place the trailer where it’s needed for your event. Alternatively, you can rent a tractor with a hitch to move the portable toilet on your own. The receptacle will need to be positioned on a level, dry and well-drained area. Once the restroom is placed it will need to be connected to a water supply for powering toilets and sinks. Water may be sourced through a direct hookup to the water supply or an onboard freshwater tank that is filled upon delivery.

Unlike porta potties, restroom trailers have flushable toilets. Waste is pumped away into a storage tank beneath the unit, eliminating unpleasant odors and leaving your guests with an experience that feels more like an indoor bathroom than a standard portable toilet.

In addition to toilets, the restroom trailer will have a separate men’s and women’s facility with vanities and sinks. There will also be a coat rack, mirror and plenty of shelving for guests to personalize the space as they see fit. The trailer will be stocked with hand-sanitizer and paper towel dispensers.

When the event is over, a crew will come to empty the waste tanks from the restroom trailer. The company will also clean the facility and return it to its warehouse for cleaning, maintenance and inspection. Most rental companies practice eco-friendly waste management practices to reduce their environmental footprint while ensuring that their guests are provided with clean, comfortable facilities. This also helps to align with the values of guests who prioritize sustainability.


A restroom trailer offers guests a bathroom experience that is similar to that of a home bathroom. They are equipped with toilets that offer a familiar, hygienic flush and running water for sinks. These amenities take guest comfort far beyond that of traditional portable toilets.

It is important to select a restroom trailer rental company that has a long history of service. The longevity of a company speaks to their ability to navigate the challenges that often arise during events. It also reflects how well the company has adapted to meet specific client needs over time.

Choosing a company with a national fleet is another way to ensure that they can provide services wherever your event takes place. This level of reliability gives event planners peace of mind, knowing that their chosen company can accommodate the needs of even the most remote locations.

When selecting a restroom trailer rental company, it is helpful to read reviews and seek recommendations from previous customers. These can give you insight into the company’s quality of work, customer service experiences, delivery and setup logistics, pricing, and maintenance.

A reliable restroom trailer rental company will be able to provide an on-time and efficient delivery, setup, and removal of their units. The company should also be able to provide an accurate assessment of how many units you will need based on the number of people expected at your event and how long the event will last.

Most electrical problems with restroom trailers stem from not having adequate power provided to the units. Make sure each unit has an appropriately sized power cord for the amount of appliances and electrical equipment inside the trailer. Also, check that the power cord is plugged into a source that can supply 20 amps or more.